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Wonder Gloves® provide superior comfort and functionality at a great price. They are used in many industries as standard work wear and have been proven to increase productivity. The unique textured latex coated palm and finger tips provide a secure nonslip grip that is hard to obtain by bare hands or by other cotton canvas, jersey, or leather gloves. Wonder Gloves help protect hands against minor cuts and abrasions yet work like second skin.

They provide unmatched fit and comfort while reducing hand fatigue. They are made of a unique cotton and polyester blend fabric that breathes while absorbing perspiration. This strong knit construction eliminates bulky seams--allowing greater dexterity that won't slow you down.

Wonder Gloves® 80pr (1/2 case)

  • Packaging: Half Case of Wonder Gloves have 80 pairs of gloves packed in 8 packs (10 pairs/pack).

    Sizes: Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.
    Our most popular size for men is Large.

    Our gloves cuffs are color coded:
    Extra-Large: Black,   Large: White,   Medium: Yellow

    Mixing Sizes: These sizes can be mixed in multiples of 10 pairs.

    * Gloves are not taxable in state of NJ.

    Some individuals may experience allergic reactions to natural latex products. Discontinue use if you experience any redness, burning or itching.

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