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About Us


After introduction of our Wonder Gloves® in 1995, there has been overwhelming demand for our gloves.  These coated work gloves are being used more today than any other type of work gloves around the world.  Billions of rubber coated gloves are used globally each year.  And we are proud that so many users have followed our way since.


Alex Min, a Mechanical Engineer (lead design engineer in a branch of future weapons research in US Army), found the company by making and selling Wonder Gloves®.  It is same glove that sells most because it fits and feels just right, from flexing, grip, breathing, all day comfort, and wick sweat away from palm.  All at a sensible price.  He wanted gloves that function like high performance sneakers for hands and not like dress shoes when working.  Wonder Gloves® truly increased productivity and comfort for so many of us out there.

"Wonder Gloves®" is a registered trademark of Wonder Works America, Inc.  

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