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LED High Bay Lights


You will love these Low Profile, Super Efficient, and Bright LED Lights. "Bring Daylight in" to all those dark, gloomy, unsafe spaces while saving money with our most efficient LED Lamps. Relax while they provide decades of lighting with little to no maintenance. 


Use them in Retail, Industrial, Commercial, Gym, Parking Garage, Work Shop, Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Commercial Kitchens, Big Box Stores , Grocery Stores, Malls, Exhibition Centers, Arenas, etc.  



















We use the industry proven Mean Well LED Driver and Japanese Nichia brand LED for best performance and life at any price level.  


Our Mean Well LED Driver is purposely built externally in robust cast aluminum alloy housing for better cooling without fan, noise, or vent holes.   It is completely weather sealed with excellent  circuit protection for life and reliability.  Others use power supplies that may not have adequate cooling or enclosed to prevent cooling.  One must consider these when considering high quality LED drivers.  Remember these are made to last 50,000 hours or more. Our life rating is a conservative figure.  We have seen these LED drivers lasts over 100,000 hours under typical use.  Few people in industry have experienced the life cycle of this legendary power supply as we have through our experience  with LED Message Boards.  Typical LED High Bay have just recently been sold and perhaps there are none who has yet to see it through 100,000 hours (that's 11.4 years of continuous use) of testing.  


Most professional in LED Message board will tell you one of the top LED maker is Nichia brand LED from Japan.  We know as maker of these LED products that Nichia LED chips are great but, they usually cost a lot more because of quality.   Most LED makers can not use them because of price and availability of chips directly from Japan.  They have finest color consistency and life.  Producing least color and brightness degradation during the entire service life.  Some makers rate their product life for real long time but what good will it be when they have funny color or rapidly dimming light output in short period of use.  We have used both brands for over a decade and they are proven to be the finest.


This housing is precision computer milled out of one solid Aluminum Alloy casting for strength, fit, cooling, and low maintenance.  Our LED Lamps are compact, attractive, efficient compared to those huge reflector types.  Our LED chips are inherently directional without a reflector (reflectors waste a lot of light, unattractive, and bulky).  This means most of the light will be pointed down where they are needed and not wasted around the ceiling area.  


Our Lamps are made for brightness, efficiency, and long service life.  Instant on, no noise, no warm up delays, runs cool, works in wide temperature range.  Replace old Halogen, HPS, Metal Halide, Fluorescent Lighting, and older LED Lighting with ours today!

Discover the Night and Day difference!


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