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We bring only a few great products that are practical and useful in enhancing everyday life.  
We perform extensive design, research and testing to ensure that our goods will please you!
What makes Wonder Gloves so popular and special?
-  The coating is made with 100% virgin natural latex compound to have best traction yet supple.
        It is not from mixture of recycled or filler material which will have less flex, less grip and less comfort.
-  Every hemming on the wrist is done with human touch to ensure great fit with less loose thread.
-  The cotton/poly knitted shell wicks sweat away from your hand for greater comfort with excellent grip.
-  It is just the right thickness for comfort and function so it does not slow you down.
-  It has no-nonsense economical price and millions sold each year.
-  Therefore many industries use them as a standard daily wear.
-  Thank you for decades of continuous support.
Wow!   That's how you will feel using our products!
***  Due to ocean shipping price hike of 4x normal, there has been a temporary
       minor price increase on just Wonder Gloves.

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LED High Bay Lighting.  Energy Saving Bright, Maintenance Free, Quality Lighting for all those gloomy places.

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Thinner precision WGP latex coated work gloves than Wonder Gloves® or WGX Gloves

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