CDS-23 Thermal Camera has AI Face Detection with Alarm for scanning multiple people simultaneously or slow moving group.  Using highly accurate FLIR(reg) Thermal Detector (from USA) all the alarm triggers will have person's photo captured to your computer (not included).  Made in Korea.  NJ customers will have to add sales tax to your order (please call).


Thermal Camera CDS-23

  •  Specification  
    Thermal Sensor Size 320x240 pixel
    Angle of View 57 degree
    Thermal Camera Type Uncooled
    Heat Sensitivity (NETD) .050C (50mKelvin)
    Temperature Detection Range -10C to 140C
    Degree of Precision +-.5C (at 30 to 40C)
    Video Camera Resolution 640 x 480 pixel, VGA
    Frame Rate / Sec 9 Hz or less
    Temperature Alarm Setting set by user
    Spectra Band 8 to 14um
    Operating Temperature -10C to 60C
    Storage Temperature -24C to 80C
    Target Points Single or Multi Person
    Operating Environment Indoor
    Operating Power 12VDC, under 1A (typical)
    Camera Size H2.7 x W3.0 x L6.6in
    Camera Weight 1.3lb

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